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Published on: 09-01-2024


Geert Mul 2023 Selected Projects.

Dear friends, colleagues, and artistic partners, I want to thank you for what we have shared in 2023.

Looking back, 2023 was a productive year. I look forward to the continued evolution of my work in 2024. As with everything in art, articulating this transition is not easy, but I am placing a renewed focus on self-produced photography, incorporating both ‘low-tech’ elements like light boxes and ‘hi-tech’ components such as customized generative A.I. media.

In 2023, the term “A.I.” became a prevalent buzzword. For those of you who have been following me over time you know that my first Generative digital artworks, (now commonly referred to as A.I) date back to 1990’s. However, I wasn’t the first and only artist to explore this field, nor was I among the earliest.
In our techno-logical culture, where individuals are affects of techno-logics, it is crucial to take technological buzzwords seriously. Particularly when they revolve around foundational concepts such as ‘intelligence’. Are we willing to embrace a concept of intelligence devoid of ethical considerations? In my opinion, concepts of intelligence and ethics are not discoveries awaiting (technological) revelation. These should be constructs molded within the cultural and political realms by us, the people.

Technology is a cultural frame by itself. ‘Seeing’ this ideology and the power it pursues presents a distinct challenge. Throughout art’s history, media and technology have been intricately linked, presenting an ongoing challenge to relate cultural and techno-logical norms.

As I see it, it is art’s challenge to un-code the cultural/techno-logical normative, with poetry serving as its tool. Our humanity is defined by what we shape it to be, and art plays a crucial role in that ongoing creative process.

Wishing you a reflective and fulfilling year. Warm regards, Geert Mul

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Selected projects 2023


Acquired by Museum Voorlinden and now on display.

250cm x 250cm x18cm. Transparent sublimation-print, glass, led-backlight varying colours 90-minute sequence. Geert Mul 2017. Courtesy Galerie Ron Mandos.


WATERSTAAT – Augmented States of Water.
Permanent interactive installation

Landmark Artwork by Geert Mul & Augmented Reality app by Sander Veenhof & Geert Mul Half-transparent mirrors, LED-light, prints)  Stichting Fluid Future, Stichting Lunet aan de Snel, Provincie Utrecht, Gemeente Houten, HDSR.

Landmark Artwork & Augmented Reality. Lunet aan de Snel, Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie. UNESCO World Heritage. 

According to physics, water exists in three primary states: liquid, solid, and gas. However, Mul defines distinct cultural states of water: Water as Culture, Water as Infrastructure, Water as a Military Instrument, Water as Technology, Water as Politics, and Water as Ecology.

Mul has designed maps for each cultural state of water, concealed within the mirrors of the artwork. When a visitor approaches the artwork, the LED backlight illuminates and reveals the maps. Through the complementary Augmented Reality app, the artwork expands and is extended onto the surrounding landscape. 


ALEPH. Series of miniature video’s. 7 x 7 cm.
Studio photographed nudes & nature photography.

Inspired by the short story ‘The Aleph’ (1945) by Jorge Luis Borges and Vertov’s editing techniques of defamiliarization in his 1929 film ‘Man with a Movie Camera’.


After us, the flood. Art in public space Almere 2013
Commissioned by Mothership / Gemeente Almere

Almere, a city intrinsically linked to water, embodies the essence of a nation shaped by its aquatic origins. It stands as a symbol of post-war hope and the triumph of culture over nature. Nevertheless, the pernicious impacts of climate change are increasingly evident and palpable. Art doesn’t solve problems, but it can add extra dimensions and quality to public space and offer fresh perspectives.


ASCENDING NUDE. Geert Mul 2023
Galerie Ron Mandos at UNSEEN artfair Amsterdam. 

Digital self-nude-portrait 1993 in original resolution, super imposed on a 2023 hi-res digital photographed landscape.

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