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Geert Mul (1965) studied art from 1985 -1990 at the ABK Arnhem where he graduated with computer animations, video and kinetic sculptures. After his studies, he traveled in Mexico, the United States and Asia. He resided for one year in Tokyo. The connection with Japan remained ever since, colouring his perception and works. Since 1993 Mul lives and works in Rotterdam, Holland. In the mid-1990s, Mul became one of the first VJ’s, creating and showing video and computer animations in the alternative Techno scene. These events grew into interactive audio visual installations which he showed in a variety of contexts, from museums to pop festivals. Mul has been exploring for over 25 years the possibilities of a poetry in the language of new (data-based) media. This resulted in a flow of experimental artworks in a wide range of media: prints, light-objects, video and interactive/generative computer installations. Mul’s practice engages the broader public through audiovisual-performances and commissioned artworks in public space. He has produced over 20 commissioned art installations in schools, hospitals and other buildings and has performed and exhibited works in the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam, Museum of Modern Art New Delhi, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the International Biennial Torino, Ruhr European Capital of Culture 2010, The National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto Japan, Museo Nacional Reina Sofia Madrid, Institute Valencia Arte Moderne, Museum of contemporary Art Chicago, Museum of Modern Art Chengdu and the Dortmunder-U in Germany.

Mul considers his works as analogic constructs: correlation, association and speculation are the main ingredients of his creative methodology. For Mul, art is an poetic exploration and enrichment of media-language and ultimately of perception.Mul teaches at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam) Interactive Design – Unstable Media. Geert Mul is represented by gallery Ron Mandos, Lives and works in Rotterdam, Holland.

In 2010 Geert Mul received the Dutch Witteveen+Bos Art & Technology Award.

Mul is represented by gallery Ron Mandos Amsterdam


CV Geert Mul


2016 Special Jury Award – Lenticular Print Award: Lenticulair Cloud for Deloitte Head Office Amsterdam. 

2015 International FIAT/IFTA Award:  -Most Innovative Use of Archive-  in collaboration with The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision.

2011 -Best Practice Award- Virtual Platform Holland.

2011  -Share Prize-  nomination Museum of Science Turin Italy.

2010 Witteveen+Bos – Art & Technology Award-

1995 – Rotterdam Art Award-


1993 – present: Media artist, artistic research, commissioned art public space.

2009 – present: Parttime professor at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, DOGTIME, Amsterdam

2012 – 2014 Guest Teacher CrossLab Willem the Koning academie Rotterdam

2008: Co-founder Baltan Media Laboratories, Eindhoven.

2008 – 2012 Creative Board Baltan Media Laboratories, Eindhoven.

2004 – 2012 Creative board Showroom MAMA,Rotterdam.

2001-  2004 Commission ‘international projects’. Mondriaan Foundation. 

2002 Jury ‘Prix de Rome’ Rijksakademie Amsterdam

1994 – 2000 VJ Cut-Up


Selected Exhibitions

2018 EYE Film Museum – Amsterdam Light Festival: Databased Dialogues, Projection mapping on the surface of the Eye Film Museum Amsterdam.

2017 The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale. Then And Now 1993 (web-adaption 2017)

2017 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo Japan, CommandN 20th Anniversary, video works.

2017 Dortmunder-U, Dortmund Germany. Solo. Geert Mul, Matchmaker 25 years of media-art.

2016 Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. Solo. Geert Mul, Matchmaker 25 years of media-art.

2015 Metro al Madina & Yunkunkun club, Beirut Libanon @ Global week for Syria, Big Data Poetry. Audio Visual performance with Michel Banabila.

2015 Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision. Hilversum, collaboration. “Ander Nieuws” Disclosing the database of Dutch broadcasted news (1953 -2014) interactive installation.

2014 Logan symposium Barbican center, London. Big Data Poetry. Audio Visual performance with Michel Banabila.

2014 Stuk Kunstencentrum, Leuven Belgie PLEISTO-SCENE ARTEFACT Installation in public space.

2013 Strarta art Fair at Saatchi Gallery London. Interactive Installation SHAN SHUI.

2013 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam at Trouw Big Data Poetry. Audio Visual performance with Michel Banabila.

2013 Stedelijk Museum Zwolle ‘Beeld van een Stad’ (group)  “God’s Browser 

2013 Tschumi Pavillion Groningen. (solo) Pleisto-Scene: Installation with prints and led-light.

2013 Raw China Expo Art Rotterdam. (group) Interactive Installation SHAN SHUI. Curator Piet de Jonge.

2012 GLOW Forum of Light and Architecture, (group) Interactive installation commissioned by Beeld en Geluid Hilversum

2012 Museum of The Image, Breda, Holland Rollercoaster, The Image in the 21st Century (group)MatchMovie

2012 Wood Street Galleries in Pittsburgh U.S.A. (group) HORIZONS Interactive installation.

2011 Gallery Ron Mandos Amsterdam. (solo) Gods Browser and other works.

2011 Share Prize nomination Museum of Science Turin Italy. (group) God’s Browser Interactive Installation, non-deterministic browser based on image analyses.

2011 International Public Art Manifestation 2011, Ankara Turkey. (group) Museum of Symbolic Debris. Twenty light-boxes in public space of Ankara.  

2010 Witteveen + Bos Art & Technology, oeuvre award + exhibition (solo) Coincidence is never arbitrary. 

2010   Gerrit Rietveld Busstop Eindhoven. i.c.w.Maurer United Architects (solo) The Stijl vs RGB. Installation with LED light

2010 Ruhr European Capital of Culture 2010. Hagen Germany (solo) “Preparation for a possible future”  Installation with 20 LED lights & 20 prints on 300 meters highway.

2009 Echolocation 21rozendaal, Enschede (solo) Interactive installation

2008 HORIZONS Museum Boijmans van Beuningen Rotterdam (solo) Interactive installation

2008 Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam ‘Deep Screen” (group) SNX4 Video installation

2006 I.V.A.M. Institute Valencia Arte Moderne. Valencia Spain (solo) Local Squares, Global Stars, interactive installation

2005 3rtd Triennale-Chengdu 2005, Museum of Modern Art, Chengdu, China (group) Tiles and Drawings

2005 National Gallery of Modern Art & Dutch Embassy, 11th Triennale India New Delhi, India (solo) The Order Of Things, Generative installation.

2005 Museum Vlakhof Nijmegen (group) Tiles and Drawings, generative installation

2003 FIAC Paris France, Ron Mandos (solo) The Library of Babel, Interactive installation

2002 ISEA, International Symposium on Electronic Arts Nagoya, Japan (group) TransferPoints Video.

2000 International Biennial, Torino Italy (group) Generating Torino, Interactive video installation

2000 De Vleeshal Middelburg (solo) Generating Live Generative installation

2000 Witte de With Rotterdam (group)i.c.w. This Land is Man-made Interactive installation

2000 National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto Japan (group) This Land is Man-made, interactive installation

2000 Command N, Tokyo Japan. International City Video Installation: 2nd Akihabara>TV Five one-minute generated video pieces “Time cross” (1-5)

2000 Center for contemporary art “Witte de With”  Rotterdam, Holland Exhibition: Scripted Spaces “This land is man-made” 

2000 International Film Festival Rotterdam, Holland “Resampling Tokyo”  Interactive video installation

2000 De Vleeshal Middelburg NL. Speedy J. & Geert Mul, live

2000  MCA (Museum of contemporary Art) Chicago. Summer solstice celebration. ‘The best real Live Show’

2000 Lille (Nouveau Siecle), Maubeuge (La Luna),  Paris (Creteil) France. Dangereuses Visions, four ‘new’ symphony’s by: Helmut Oering, Eric Sleichim, Christope Maudot, Gerard Hourbette ‘Announced Movements’ composed by Eric Sleichim Visuals by Geert Mul. Art Zoyd, Bl!ndman Kwartet, Orchestre National de Lille

1999 Cartier Foundation, Paris France. Video ‘La Dérive’ (1998, 20min.) Sound by Speedy J. “HOME SCREEN HOME” Exhibition curator: Michael Shamberg Video “Sans Issue” (final remix, 10 minutes)

1999 Mappe’ 99 Percorsi Urbani, Catania Sicily, Italy.

1999 Maritime museum Rotterdam ‘Harbour, Sound & Vision’ with Speedy J.

1999 LOWLANDS ‘PUMP UP LOWLANDS’ (The Best Real Live Show) DJ Alien, Liquid Media & Cut-Up

1999 SONAR festival, Barcelona, Spain. Video ‘La Dérive’ (1998, 20min.) Geert Mul, Sound by Speedy J.

1999 International Filmfestival Rotterdam Holland Video ‘La Dérive’ (1998, 20min.) Geert Mul, Sound by Speedy J.

1999 Museo Nacional Reina Sofia, Madrid, Spain “HOME SCREEN HOME” Exhibition curator: Michael Shamberg Video “Sans Issue”

1998 Museu D’art contemporani de Barcelona, Barcelona, “HOME SCREEN HOME” with Michael Shamberg

1998 MAMA Rotterdam, Holland. “CITY AT NIGHT 01” interactive video installation

1998 Cinema Rex, Belgrade Serbia Yugoslavia. Video ““Tokyo FX”  Sans Issue”

1998 D.E.A.F. V2 Rotterdam  “The best Real Live Show” Performance with DJ Alien & Liquid Media.

1998 Cinema Rex, Belgrade Serbia Yugoslavia. Video ““Tokyo FX”

1998 Witte de With – International Filmfestival Rotterdam “HOME SCREEN HOME” Exhibition curator: Michael Shamberg Video “Sans Issue” (1997 final remix, 10 min.)

1996 “Manifesta” Rotterdam. Displacement & Identity Video installation

1998 Paard  Den Haag NL. “The Best Real Live Show” Performance with DJ Alien & Liquid Media.

1997 Wiretap 3.09, “IMAGE and SOUND GENERATORS”  V2, Rotterdam.“TOKYO FX”  with Peter Duimelinks (audio)

1997 “7th International Video Week” saint-gervais, Geneva, Switzerland. Video: “Sans Issue”

1995 International Filmfestival Rotterdam Exploding Cinema  ‘Disco Cinema” with DJ Alien & Liquid media.

1996  International Filmfestival Rotterdam, “I love you so much”  video “Leon’s Studio” video

1993    “5th International Video Week”, Saint-Gervais Genève. Switzerland. “I love you so much”   Video. Commissioned Works

2014 M S T, hospital entrance. Animated photographic print on glas with backlight light, 4,5 x 8,0 meter.

2013 Deloitte head office Amsterdam: The Edge. Lenticular kinetic artwork “CLOUD01” 

2013 See Saw- Video projection at Art Rotterdam 2013

2012 Interactive installation and 3D video commissioned by VOLT, Beeld en Geluid Hilversum

2012 Permanent artwork, public space: mural with paintings led light, Voorburg, Holland.

2011 Installation VOLT, institute for media-art and technology, Eindhoven 

2011 Led sign for poetry and doggerel, City theatre Agnietenhof Tiel. 

2010 Headquarters Royal Netherlands Army, Kromhout-kazerne, Archive projections.

2010 Raalte, school De Horizon, Interactive installation

2009 Gasunie Headofiice, Groningen, Permanent video installation, 25th anniversary Gasunie art collection

2009 TijdVerkijker MFA Maastricht, Interactive installation

2009    Loading Ready Run, Las Palmas building Rotterdam, I.C.W. Maurer United Architects, Interactive installation.

2008   Dutch Photo museum Museum Rotterdam, 3 permanent interactive installations. 

2007 Choose your Myth, large scale projection Lumineus Amsersfoort

2006 Ive been watching you, installation, 237 meter x 1.5 meter Spoorlaan Tilburg Holland

2006 Sofia Hospital Rotterdam CF Lounge I.C.W. Maurer United Architects

2005 4 in1 building Breukelen, Interactive installations.

2004 DEMOGRAPHICS Cityhall Middelburg  Interactive installation

2004 Split Representation Higher School of Econoics Rotterdam (HES) NL  Interactive installation.

2001 (2000, 1999) DIESEL Fashion Italy. Video production & presentation collections 1999 & 2000. GALLERY presentations

2014 RONMANDOS Amsterdam: Shan Shui Interactive installation

2011 RONMANDOS Amsterdam. Installations.

2008 RONMANDOS Amstrdam: reflections & perspectives

2008 FIAC Paris, RONMANDOS Galerie, Parijs (FR)

2006 DIVA video art fair, RONMANDOS Galerie, New York (USA) ARCO, Madrid (ES) My Name is LoLita Art Gallery, Madrid (ES) My Name is LoLita Art Gallery, Madrid (ES)

2005 Art Forum Berlin, RONMANDOS Galerie, Berlijn (DE)

2004 FIAC Paris, RONMANDOS Galerie, Parijs (FR) Short Movies single screen presentations

2010 ‘Vocal Void’ i.c.w. Michel Banabila at IFFB 

2008 ‘Look at Us’ The Galerie Art & Essai of Rennes (FR)

2006 ‘Match Maker’ Norwegian Short Film Festival (Norway)

2004 ‘Portraits of Warsaw’ Film by the sea festival, Scheveningen (NL)

2003 ‘Transfer Points’ Portobello Film festival, London (UK)

2001 ‘Transfer Points’ SONAR festival, Barcelona (ES)

2000 ‘Time Cross’ Akihabara tv, Tokyo (JAP)

2000 ‘La Derive’ International FilmFestival Rotterdam

1999 ‘La Derive’ Cartier Foundation, Parijs (FR), 

1999 ‘Sans Issue’ Museo Nacional Reina Sofia, Madrid (ES), 

1999‘Sans Issue‘ International FilmFestival Rotterdam 

1998 Museu D’art contemporani de Barcelona, Barcelona (ES)


Stage Arts:

2013 RED EAR FESTIVAL Rotterdam Audio-visual life performance.  Geert Mul & Michel Banabila “Cloud of Identity”

2012 TENT Rotterdam Audio-visual life performance. Geert Mul & Michel Banabila “Cloud of Identity”

2010 Harbour NDSM Amsterdam Live audio & Video Geert Mul & Michel Banabila

2005 Soweto & Grahamstown, South Africa, Video design and live mix : Vuka! Vuka ! Het waterhuis theater.

2002 FreeBirds  South Africa, Het waterhuis theater Video design & live video mix

2002 Ro-Theater, Guy Cassiers / Eric Sleichim, Blindman La Grande Suite’ Multi-media theatre Video design

2000 Dancegroup Krisztina de Chatel, Amsterdam, NL Multi-media dance performance ‘Dynamix’ Art director/ design interactive video.

2000 Jochem  Paap,  Speedy J.  De Vleeshal  Middelburg NL. Speedy J. & Geert Mul, live

2000   Museum of contemporary Art Chicago U.S.A.  MCA summer Solstice celebration.  ‘The best real Live Show’ with Liquid Media.

2000 Lille, Maubeuge, Paris France Dangereuses Visions with Eric Sleichim, Blindman ‘Announced Movements’ composed by Eric Sleichim,

1999 Mappe’ 99 Percorsi Urbani, Catania Sicily, Italy Installation/ performance. With Peter Duimelinks.

1999 Speedy J. & Geert Mul Maritime museum Rotterdam, NL ‘Harbour, Sound & Vision’  

1999 LOWLANDS, NL The Best Real Live Show DJ Alien, Liquid Media & Cut-Up

1998 D.E.A.F. V2 Rotterdam, NL  “The best Real Live Show” Performance with DJ Alien & Liquid Media.

1998 Paard  Den Haag NL “The Best Real Live Show” Performance with DJ Alien & Liquid Media.

1995 International Filmfestival Rotterdam, NL Exploding Cinema Video and Music with DJ Alien & Liquid media


Lectures / presentations

2015 Symposium Photography Research in the Digital Age, Paradiso Amsterdam

2015 Info-mania, de waan van de data, Prodentfabriek, Amersfoort.

2015 Academy for Information & Management: Creative Mediation in a Databased Culture. Amsterdam Holland

2015 Studium Generale Willem de Koning Academie: Copy / Paste, Rotterdam, Holland

2014 Dutch Electronic Art Festival SEMINAR: programmable Behavior, Rotterdam Holland

2014 Media / Technology and Public Space, Oslo Norway

2014 International Conference on Imaging at the Intersections of Art, Science and Culture, Istanbul, Turkey.

2014 Overgaden lectures: Art + Science – Towards a Third Culture, Copenhagen Denmark

2013 Gerrit Rietveld academie Amsterdam: Browser Based: Artistic Big Data.

2013 National day of science Holland, Van Nelle Fabriek Rotterdam: Artistic Big Data.

2013 University of Leiden dep. Media-technology: Databased Perception.

2012 Gerrit Rietveld academie Amsterdam LAPS: advantages and disadvantages of a doctorate in art.

2013 University of Maastricht, Studium Generale: Generation 2.0 Art, Design and Media.

2011 STRP Festival Eindhoven: Interactive Design.

2011 Van Abbe Museum Eindhoven: De Stijl vs RGB, ism Baltan Laboratories.

2010 SKOR, Amsterdam A wedge between private and public public space and interactivity. 

2010 BKKC, Tilburg: From LED screen to Media facade.

2010 The Hague University of Applied Sciences: Stereotyping and Visual Communication, 

2009 PRUFROK The Hague, Light in interdisciplinair arts

2008 HKU, Faculty interaction design ‘Creativity Through Research’

2007   PICNIC Amsterdam. “Interactive Design”

2006 Grimstad Norway Short Film Festival  “Grasping Structure”

2006  Kunst, Context en Realiteit Hotel New York

2006 Visual Sensations, Paradiso / Monte Video Amsterdam

2004 BEK, Bergen, Norway. “Pertunia”  “Time perception in dynamic media”

2004 Media-Matic Amsterdam “Dynamic  Media in Art, Architecture & Design”

2004 Willem de Koning Academie Rotterdam, Interactive Design

2004 Hogeschool voor de Kunsten  Arnhem, graphic design

2003 Hogeschool voor de kunsten  Utrecht, graphic design

2003 Dutch foundation for Stage Arts (f.v.p.k.)

2001 Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University, The performer and the mediated image

2000 Gemeente Museum Den Haag Den Haag, “The domain of the art”

2000 Kunstlerhaus MOUSONTRUM Frankfurt, Germany “Generating structures sounds and cityscapes”

1999 Studium Generale Willem de koning academy Rotterdam, Looking at City Screens

1999 Groninger museum, Groningen, NL “The Epic Generator”


Software Research & Development:

2014 The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision “Ander Nieuws”

2012 REALIA  Images analyses  (programmed by Carlo Prelz)

2010 God’s Brower Images analyses (programmed by Carlo Prelz)

2009 Baltan_Tracker (Motion tracking software)

2001 No-Ta-Ti-On Image Analysis and Image Composition. ( with Carlo Prelz)

2002 FX1 (programmed by Carlo Prelz) realtime video effect generator

1999 The Epic Generator, Interactive and generating video software. At V2_Lab V@, Rotterdam


Interviews / Publications:

2015 We moeten eens koffie drinken: Auteur(s) : Koen van Vliet, Jozien Wijkhuijs ISBN: 9789463010078

2013 De Vindmachine: Drs. J. A. (Jos) Baijens Het beste idee van 2013. ISBN. 978907905109

A Blueprint for a Lab of the future. (Baltan Laboratories 2011 ISBN 978-90-815830-0-8)

Dutch Heights Award winning Dutch Artists 2011 (ISBN 978-94-90529-03-1)

Exploring New Information Cultures 2011 (ISBN 978-90-78088-55-4)

Dutch Eyes, New history of Dutch photography Nederland Waanders uitgevers,Zwolle2007

Still Moving, Contemporary Photography, Film and Video from the Netherlands  The National 

Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto 2000



– Geert Mul: Witteveen+Bos-prijs voor Kunst+Techniek. Deventer 2010

– Geert Mul: Local squares, Global Stars Institut Valencia d’art Modern Valencia 2006

– Geert Mul: Match Maker Prototype Editions Delft 2005


VJ (selected performances)

1999, 2000, 2001, DIESEL Italy DIESEL Italy.  Fashion presentation & presentation video. 

SHOCKERS (id&t) RAI Amsterdam.

D-NIGHT AHOY Rotterdam

1999 DRUM & RHYTM festival westergasfabriek Amsterdam Cut-Up & Liquid Media

LOWLANDS Holland Live video Show during concerts at the Lowlands pop festival, Holland  

The Chemistry MTC Rotterdam: party’s at the HAL, Cut-Up & Liquid Media

North Sea Jazz Scheveningen. Video installation Cut-Up & Liquid Media

1998 Ahoy, Rotterdam, NL 10 year Nighttown with the Underworld and Speedy J. Cut-Up & Liquid Media

International Filmfestival Rotterdam: Design and video concept for dance events during the Exploding Cinema

LOWLANDS Holland Live video Show during concerts at the Lowlands pop festival, Holland

VERONICA MEGA DANCE Design, concept and realisation Live Video Show

DRUM & RHYTM festival Westergasfabriek Amsterdam

1997 De Balie  Amsterdam a Japanese Love Party  

DANCE VALLEY Dance festival

lInternational Filmfestival Rotterdam:

Design and video concept for dance events during the Exploding Cinema

LOWLANDS Holland  Live video Show during concerts at the Lowlands pop festival, Holland


Design, concept and realisation Live Video Show

DRUM & RHYTM festival westergasfabriek Amsterdam 

1994 – 1999  Techno Club the FUTURE, NightTown, Rotterdam