Databased Dialogues EYE Film Museum / Amsterdam Light Festival. 

Published on: 06-02-2018

Amsterdam Light Festival / EYE Film Museum Amsterdam 

Geert Mul 2018

In a series of artworks, Mul explores the ‘I’ and ‘the other’ in the context of technological media. Databased Dialogues for Algorithmic Landscapes was the first artwork in this series, it consists of audio samples from hundreds of Hollywood movie dialogues which contain the questions ‘Who are you?’ or ‘Who Am I ?’. and responses to those questions, for example ‘Who do you want me to be ?’ Mul constructed several dialogues from these movie text samples and placed them in computer-generated scenes of nature: floating leaves, clouds, rain, snow.

“Five international leading artists have started a three-week display of 3D projections in the centre of Amsterdam onto the EYE Filmmuseum façade and, in the last week, onto an adjacent water screen. The artists are taking part in The World Masters of Projection Mapping, a joint venture of the Amsterdam Light Festival, Integrated Systems Events and RAI Amsterdam. The shape of the multi-faceted museum, with no straight surfaces and the close proximity of the IJ waterfront, creates a unique set of technical and production challenges for the artists. To make projection possible 12 Panasonic projectors have been positioned all around the building and pontoons moored in the river for the water screen. The World Masters of Projection Mapping culminates on 8 February with the presence of an international jury followed by an awards showcase that will take place at the RAI Amsterdam on 9 February, the last day of ISE 2018.”