TOKYO FX Generated Video 1999

Published on: 03-04-1999


In “Sans Issue” and “TOKYO FX” I left the idea of having complete control over my work. I got myself into a position in which I’m only drawing the outlines of my work, creating a space in which the work can evolve itself.

TOKYO FX was ‘auto-edited’ using two short self-written computer programs. These programs were applied to video material, mixing up the individual frames in a pre-programmed order. The scenes were a selection of hours material filmed in the years 1994 till 1997 at Tokyo, Japan.
The fast combinations of images leave hardly space for conscious interpretation. Instead, the viewer is forced to give up thinking about the images. There is no story and no other option then just experience, similar to my own experience when I first got there in 1992.

Geert Mul 1999
endless generated video