MATCH OF THE DAY 2004 – ongoing.

Published on: 19-08-2016

MATCH OF THE DAY (Geert Mul, 2004-2008. Version II 2017 – ongoing ).

An image analysis algorithm compares daily about 40.000 images from 300 Television-Channels. The software then pairs images which, according to the algorithm, make a good visual match. The A.I. does not understand or even sees images; it just applies pixel statistics and calculates the visual similarity. But people can’t help to assign meaning to similar images. The matches put together by the computer trigger sensations of poetry, humour, beauty or disgust in the eye of the beholder. The artist is playing with our inability to ‘see’ without interpretation, and the computers inability to ‘just calculate’ without bestowing meaning.

An analogical argument is an explicit representation of a form of analogical reasoning that cites accepted similarities between two systems to support the conclusion that some further similarity exists.

Match of the day supports the conclusion that the “further similarity” is not present in the ‘two systems’, but only in our mind: we can simply not help to assume meaning when we experience analogy.