Published on: 10-04-2007

Glow in the Dark

 Permanent Interactive Installation
‘Glow in the Dark’ is an interactive artwork for the new fire station of the fire brigade of Zwolle. The work is based on a thermografic camera that searches for warm objects and persons in his environment. The camera is capable to keep track of persons and objects when they are detected. Passengers, personal and visitors appear in a videoprojection above the entrance. The entrance chances in a portal that’s better visible from the sidewalk, bicycle lane and motorway.
Thermografic camera’s are used at the fire brigade. They allow the user to see fireplaces thru rooftops, walls or doors. The pictural language of a thermografic camera is part of the pictural vocabulair of the fire brigade. This language is made public by the artwork.

The artwork knows a active and passive mode. When the artwork doesn’t detect any heat scources, it changes in passive mode

© Geert Mul 2007

Artist: Geert Mul
Commissioner: Brandweerkazerne Zwolle
Production: Mothership Rotterdam
Software: Carlo Prelz