ECHOLOCATION Interactive Intallation 2008

Published on: 02-04-2008


Interactive installation
Geert Mul 2008
Software programming by Carlo Prelz
On 13 May 2000 an industrial firework storage exploded in Roombeek Enschede (NL). It killed 22 people, injured 947 people, destroyed 1500 homes and left 1250 people homeless.
The area was rebuild and ’21Rozendaal’ centre for contemporary art was build at the heart of the new neighboorhood.
Geert Mul was invited by ’21 Rozendaal’ to make an special exhibition in relation to Enschede. Mul collected amature photographs of Roombeek- a neighborhood which was destroyed in 2000 by a firework factory explosion. The photographs of the former neighborhood make the content of a poetic interactive installation about memory and loss.

'21 Rozendaal'
Software programming by Carlo Prelz
© Geert Mul 2008