DATABASED DIALOGUES, Immersive Installation. Geert Mul 2018

Published on: 05-02-2018
Databased Dialogues for Algorithmic Landscapes.Immersive Installation. Geert Mul 2018.

“A.I. and the Other” is creative research by Geert Mul. The research focusses on the reciprocal relationship between the notions of I, The Other and Media. In a series of artworks, Mul explores the ‘I’ and ‘the other’ in the context of technological media. Databased Dialogues for Algorithmic Landscapes was the first artwork in this series, it consists of audio samples from hundreds of Hollywood movie dialogues which contain the questions ‘Who are you?’ or ‘Who Am I ?’. and responses to those questions, for example ‘Who do you want me to be ?’ Mul constructed several dialogues from these movie text samples and placed them in computer-generated scenes of nature: floating leaves, clouds, rain, snow.

This work was premiered as a projection-mapping during the Amsterdam Light Festival 2018 on the EYE Film Museum Amsterdam 2018: