Queries in Algorithmic Landscapes.

Published on: 26-08-2020



Queries in algorithmic landscapes. Immersive Installation, 2021


In the immersive installation “Queries in Algorithmic Landscapes,” Mul delves into the concepts of self (I) and ‘The Other’ within the realm of technological media. The artwork incorporates audio excerpts from Hollywood movie dialogues that pose existential questions such as ‘Who are you?’ and ‘Who am I?’ along with their corresponding responses. Mul ingeniously crafts new dialogues from these samples, weaving them into a captivating soundscape that unfolds against the immersive backdrop of a 3D computer-generated landscape.
 “In my recent work, I question and explore the dividing lines between Man, Machine and Nature. Three categories, which, because of their physical quality, suggest three obviously separated domains. But boundaries between man, machine and nature are only absolute by definition and are therefore not absolute. To survive in the short term, it is evident that we need to change the outcome of the interactions between man, technology and nature. That process starts with radically questioning and refining these entities’ domains and definitions.”


Premiered as a projection-mapping during the Amsterdam Light Festival 2018 on the EYE Film Museum Amsterdam 2018 titled: Databased Dialogues in Algorithmic Landscapes : https://vimeo.com/290698280