VOLT 2012

Published on: 04-04-2012

VOLT is a new digital experience and center for creative and media technology at Strijp-S. VOLT is a collaboration between the Dutch Institute for Sound and Vision, the housing corporation Trudo and the Municipality of Eindhoven.

During GLOW-S two works of media artist Geert Mul will be presented especially designed for VOLT. Mul specializes in computer animation and examines for nearly twenty years the possibilities of recombining images from databases in videos, prints and interactive installations using self-developed software.

1.Co-Creating VOLT. Visitors can send colors and shapes with their own smartphone to an interactive projection via m.voltnl.nl . This interaction creates a new collective image.
2.Presentation of 4 Palm Top Theatre movies. An analog extension that expands a smartphone or tablet into a 3D theatre

Team Members: Geert Mul, Wang Shihui, Carlo Prelz, Frans van Viegen MBA,CMC, Michel Banabila
Geert Mul project

Exhibited in VOLT promotion exhibition and Eindhoven Glow Festival 2012
Geert Mul: director, concept

Wang Shihui:
– Sound Design for VOLT installation
– Animations for Palm Top Theater

Carlo Prelz:
-Software programming.

Michel Banabila:
– Sound design and music for Palm Top Theater animation.

Frans van Viegen:
– photography, production assistant.