Published on: 02-04-2006

6000 surveillance camera images from the city of Tilburg.

Geert Mul 2006
Inkjetprint on panel
1,5 x 237 meter

Commissioned by: KORT (Community of Tilburg)
Production: Mothership
Software: Carlo Prelz

Discussions concerning safety and security in the large city’s are frequently accompanied with a discussion about identification. ‘The government’ wants to know who we are, and where we are. Identification has become a key word.

What about the identification of the civilian with it’s urban surroundings? The Dutch city’s are multi cultural communities with multiple valid perspectives on the identity of the city. To answer the question ‘who am I ?’ we first have to answer the question ‘where am I ?’

‘I’ve Been Watching You’ is based on this idea.
Relevant information telling us ‘where we are’ is actually present in this city, in the form of surveillance camera imagery, but it’s secret or confidential. In the artwork “I’ve been watching you” this information has been visualized and recontextualized. The city is mirrored to its citizens, but from an alternative point of view.